Thursday, October 2, 2008

Would you hate me?

Okay, one more post for today. I am trying to catch up!

Would you hate me if I added ads to this site? Or a link to Amazon? I signed into my home page of Yahoo this morning and there was an article about bloggers making money from their sites. I guess that some are making a cool couple thousand a month from people clicking ads or buying from Amazon via a link on their blog. Amazon pays the "associate" 15% if someone uses their link to go to Amazon and buys something. Sure I would love to be paid to do something I love doing and already do for free. But the struggle is, would I be "pimping" out my site? Would my friends and family hate me for the helpful ads? And since the ads are suppose to be relevant to the blog, what would they advertise beside my "Potty Post"? Get your potty at Home depot? Charmin for all your potty needs?

Everyone, can you give me some feed back on this? (Would a comment like that invite an ad for your local co-op?) The comment section is open to everyone without needed to sign in, so tell me what you think!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow. I hadn't realized I had missed so many postings! I had a good bit of reading to catch up on. And for the record, No I wouldn't mind an ad. I can ignore!

Sandy Hester