Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Freedom... or not

This morning Ethan marched out the door with Abbey and his Baba on his way to his first day of pre-school! He has been anxiously awaiting this day and so have I. You see, I know that I am going to need to home school my children for the next 12 years and I have been waiting for these few months that they both will be in pre-school and I will be free! I turned around to my empty house after hugs and good-byes and smiled. I could go out for coffee, run over to the park and exercise, or even go back to bed! ( I will let you guess at which one won out!) However, my freedom was short lived. Abbey felt too sick to stay at school and came back home. But, tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day.

P.S. Ethan just got back home from school and had a blast! When I told him that he could go back tomorrow, he couldn't believe it. "Really? I get to go back tomorrow and play again?" Hallelujah! Success!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ironman, Hammerheads, and Secrets

Okay, I know that they last post was really serious, but I haven't been too sad to write! I have been super busy with our National Conference. Which was great, by the way! Ethan has been equally as busy coming up with the cutest stuff, so let me get it down before I forget them!

1. The other day, Chris and Ethan were talking about sharks and the different kinds of sharks. When Chris described a Hammerhead shark to Ethan, Ethan wanted to know if it hurts people by banging them! Visualize! You have to admit, what's the point of a hammer-shaped head if not to be used for a weapon.

2. Chris was holding Ethan and thought that he might have smelled something a little odd. He asked Ethan if he had a "secret in his pants" and Ethan replied, "No, silly, secrets are in your mouth!". (Just a note, but it isn't normal for Ethan to have a "secret in his pants".)

3. Ethan got a new transformer the other day and was checking out the back of the box with pictures of other transformers (His favorite part of the toy, I might add.) He wants us to tell him the names of all the others and then he will sit there and recite the names. Well, he seemed to accept everyone but Ironman. I know this because a couple of mornings later, he woke up and came into my room and ask this question, "Does Ironman iron?". Nope, honey, he doesn't. But if he did, he would be my kind of superhero!