Thursday, October 23, 2008

English Bible Study

There is something really great going on that I want to tell you all about. For about 4+ years now, we have been having an English Cell Group meeting. We have had good attendance at times, enough to keep the meeting going, but never more than 13 on a regular basis. We stopped having it consistently while I was in the States on deputation because it is just too hard for one person to do everything involved in a home meeting alone. Also, if you are going to call it an "English" cell group and you live in a foreign country, it is best to have a native speaker of English at the meeting. Everyone here wants to practice speaking English, especially with a native speaker, so this has been a selling point for the meeting. Anyways, enough history. We restarted this meeting in September. We meet in my home and I teach a bible story disguised as an English lesson. Free English and free food at the end. At our last meeting, we had 30(!!) people attend! We started with 25 and have been increasing each time. Praise God!! Of this group that we have coming right now, over half of them are not Christian nor do we have any other contact with them other than the English cell group! They are so open and want to know more about the bible. We just finished the story of Ruth. At the end, it mentions King David. Now they want to know why David is special and hear all about his story! Below is a picture from the last meeting. We could only get about half of the people in this picture.

It is really awesome that God provided us with a house that has a large living room/ dining room! Please help me pray for these young people. It is an incredible opportunity!


Anonymous said...

Tiffany that is so awesome. Im so glad that you heeded the calling that God had for your life and now to see the way that God is blessing you and your family's ministry is undiscribable the closest word that i can even begin to think is its just AWESOME. Take care michelle

Anonymous said...

This is true evangelism. Meeting a need in their lives and letting them "see" the gospel in YOURS!

God Bless you all,
Sandra Hester