Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh My Hallelujah, Guess What!

One of the people in the above picture got the HOLY GHOST last Sunday night. Can you guess who?

Here is another hint. He wanted to get baptized right after church. Am I one happy momma? Oh yeah, you better believe it!

I recently told Chris, "If you do not want the Holy Ghost, you had better not show up at our church, because everyone showing up without it is leaving with it!" Hallelujah!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Conference Reporting...

Okay, let me explain the title. It is not incorrect English. I have learned from teaching English (certainly never from studying English!) that when we use -ing, it is called Present Continues es and indicates that something started in the past and is still continuing at this present time. (Aren't I smart? See, Alabama girls can be smart!) Soooo, this is my report of our National Conference and its continuing effects!

We had an awesome conference! This year we had a Nationalization Service conducted by Bro. Howell and Bro. Shalm. Taiwan is now an official nationalized work and that means that we are totally self-governing. What an awesome step for the work and ministry here in Taiwan.

We had incredible services with Bro. Stoneking and about 10 people received the Holy Ghost. I am not sure if I really believe this number because my husband and I have had this exact conversation at least 5 times.

Chris: "You know that _____________ got the Holy Ghost at national conference, right?"

Me: "Really? I didn't know! I am so excited!"

Chris: "Yeah, I thought you knew."

And repeat 4 more times.

Now for the best part! We have had 6 people to be baptized at our church since the conference and 6 people to receive the Holy Ghost. I have also heard reports from the other churches of people receiving the Holy Ghost and being baptized. There hasn't been a Sunday since conference that there hasn't been someone receive the Holy Ghost or get baptized at at least one, if not more, of our churches in Taiwan! Last Sunday, we had a man from Mainland China to get the Holy Ghost!! He is an exchange student that some people from our HsinChu (a city just south of Taipei. Refer to map above.) bible class met and invited to church. He travel south for about 5 hours to get to our church and God filled him! He will soon return to China.

The Sunday after conference, the new church in Chia-I(a city about two hours north of Kaohsiung. Refer to map above.) had their church dedication. I believe I counted about 70 people at the dedication. It was hard to count with all of the people standing in the back and around the sides because of the lack of chairs! (or I should say, the lack of room for more chairs!) Also, the first Sunday in April, our Taipei church will have its dedication! In less than four years, we have gone from 2 churches to 6 churches with another one in the works! I can't tell you thrill of excitement that I feel just typing that sentence! How many will it be next year?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sleep Warnings...

If you are ever laying on your stomach across your bed reading a book, NEVER fall asleep with your legs from the knees down hanging off the bed and your face buried flat into the pillow. If you do, you will dream that you are trying to fly uncooperative planes, drive uncooperative cars, and dress uncooperative babies. But most frustrating with be the uncooperative conversations you will have. Why could that lady not just understand that she had to buy the "Sand Vase", a word I apparently made up in my dream, at the hotel gift shop, then come to my store and buy her sand? I can't help it that we do not sell the Sand Vases because the gift shop is the only one with a permit to do such!! (Yes, it appears that I have a vivid and detailed imagination)

And my final warning? Never make it a habit to fall asleep face down. Were I to ever croak and fall on the bed, my family would just assume I was sleep for at least a good 8 hours or so...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bubbly Ethan

My kids and I have a deal. IF they can finish their homework for the week before Thursday night, they can play in the jacuzzi in my bathroom. Doubly special since their bathroom doesn't have a bathtub, just a shower. Tonight I came to get Ethan out and found this:

Do you think he followed the rule about not getting anymore soap?

My Abbey

My kids do and will do loads of things that make me happy, but nothing makes me happier than this: