Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hi, Do I Know You?

Hi. My name is Tiffany. You may remember me as the sometimes writer of this blog. Since it has been a coon's age (what does that really mean?) since I last posted, I thought we might need to be reintroduced.

Okay, really. Guys, I have a list a mile long of blogs I want to write, but haven't been able to find the time. We are right in the middle of moving to a new apartment and moving is so much fun!! Yay!! (Please do not drown in the sarcasm.) Honestly, I love our new apartment. It has a huge courtyard with a little park for the kids. Since it is next to impossible to have a yard here in Taiwan, having a great courtyard is second best. We are really blessed to be able to rent the apartment we are moving to. I will try to get pictures up for you all. Try. But don't hold your breath. I wouldn't want that kind of pressure.

I promise that I am going to get all of the stories that you love up here soon, but give me a week to get moved into our new house and to get the Internet up and running.

Until then, here's a little mind morsel: God always gives you a choice, but sometimes He makes you miserable until you choose the right thing. Don't believe me? Just ask Jonah. God to Jonah: "Hey, how's the belly? Nineveh's looking pretty good right about now, huh?"