Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Sunday Morning

This morning in church, Chris almost preached the house down! Literally. We had a 5.4 earthquake right in the middle of preaching. I was thinking about rewarding Chris a million points for not stopping and just keeping on preaching. However, after church, when I mentioned the earthquake, he replied, "Earthquake? We had an earthquake?" So, I guess I will give the million points to the church people who continued to listen and "Amen!" thus enabling their pastor to completely miss the earthquake.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bible Stories Revised

Ethan and Abbey have been playing church a lot lately. I watch them and remember doing the same thing as a kid. However, we never had "sermons" as interesting as the ones that Ethan has been preaching. My favorite was the one about Joshua. Let me just tell it like he did.

"Now GOOOODDDD told Joshua to blow a horn and all the city would fall down. So Joshua went and got a BIIIGGG horn and when he blew it a BOMB flew out and all the city fell down."

I'm guessing the real story was a little unbelievable to him.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Abbey's Belated Birthday Post

As I was preparing to do a post on Ethan's birthday, I realized that I never did one on Abbey's birthday back in November. Yes, I said November. You heard me right. It was right about that time that I lost the USB cord to my camera and from the look of my blog, I must have been busy. Poor blog. It was terribly neglected! So, here a few pictures!