Saturday, July 18, 2009

So Sorry!

Dear lovely readers, I haven't forgotten you. Honestly, I have thought about this blog plenty of times in the last few days, but I have been too too too busy. We just finished VBS-2009 today and I am happy to say that I will be back to write... next week. Just as soon as I can recover.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Truth Comes Out...

Yesterday we finally got to the heart of why Abbey has been asking so many questions about babies. She ask me, "Momma, do you have any more babies left in your tummy? Because I would really like to have a little sister too." And to this I quickly replied, "No, honey, I don't have any more babies in my tummy. I am happy with the two great ones I have!" And I am. I am totally happy with the two I have.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I am Speechless…

Abbey is fascinated with babies and how they grow and develop in their mommies tummies. A couple of months ago, she ask me how babies get out of their mommies tummies and I told her in great detail how she and Ethan were born (C-section). I was immensely happy to have dodged the bullet on how most babies are born. Well, today she ask me how babies get in their mommies tummies. And I am sorry to say that not one 6 year-old friendly answer came to mind. I tried to pass it off to Chris, but he just replied, “Well, answer her… very carefully.” I delayed so long trying to think of an answer that she moved on to something else, but I know that question will be back. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any six-year-old friendly answers?

Little Funnies

1. Saturday we had a wonderful ladies meeting. After Sis. Hathaway spoke to the ladies, I was closing out the meeting and wanted to encourage the ladies to have close relationships with each other, but what I said was, “It is so important to have close relationships with your brothers and sisters in the church. Well, not your brothers, just your sisters.” Since most of them are single, a close relationship with the brothers might not be a good idea. You think?

2. Monday, we were on our way to Kenting and Chris was afraid that he had missed his road. I got out the map and tried to find where we were. Keep in mind that this was a Chinese, but I was looking for numbers more than words. We were on Rd 88 and the road that we thought we had missed was Freeway 3. Well, I could find 3 on the map, but just could not find 88 for anything. It was really starting to get annoying that 88 was not clearly marked since it is a major road. Chris suggested that I just put the map up since it was starting to annoy him too. In one last attempt to get my bearings, I decided to see if I was looking at a Kaohsuing city map or a Kaohsuing County map. It turns out that I was looking at a Taipei City map. No wonder I couldn’t find 88. My only question is: “Why in the world do I have a Taipei City map in my car?” (Chris thought it was so funny that I was looking at a map for the wrong city that he threatened to start a blog himself. “See, I have storied to tell too” he said.)