Monday, May 31, 2010

Camera Woes

I haven't post any picture on here in about a million years because I am a lazy bum and I lost the usb cord to my camera, in that order. I believe in honesty, can you tell? But, the other day, Jing Hwa was nice enough to put some of her pictures on my flash drive, so here is a little look-see. Just for a little background, these pictures are from Easter and Ethan practically lives in those boots. Everyday, his outfit consist of a shirt, a belt, jeans, and those boots. And saints perserve us if all of his jeans are dirty.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cat Tales

There once were two cats who roamed the house at will, hiding and stalking and chasing and fighting at night. Only at night. And sleeping and sleeping and sleeping during the day. They also sharpened their claws on a couch. A couch that did not belong to their reluctant owners. A couch that these same owners had to pay to have recovered when they moved. And they had to pay a lot. Enough to almost have bought themselves a new couch. So they invested in a Kitty Condo. Four levels of kitty fun enclosed in a white wire frame with a door. And all was well in the world.

Especially in the world of a certain little boy. In times past, those wily cats had avoided too much contact with said little boy. Mainly because he thinks he is a super hero and they are the nasty villains. Oh, but now, he could get to those cats and pet them when no one was looking and run away when he thought someone was. One morning, he climbed on top of the Kitty Condo and discovered that it has wheels. It went left and sadly he went right. After he recovered, he took the cats for a ride. I know this because of the great meowing and hissing and falling cat sounds I heard from another room. And now, that same little boy is banned from looking at the cats or talking to the cats and most of all, from touching the Kitty Condo. Finally, all is well in the cat's world.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rigged Chairs and the Fun that Followed

A few weeks ago, Chris, the kids and I were at Carrefour. Carrefour is the French version of Walmart. Why we have a French store instead of just Walmart baffles me, but that is a different post. Anyways, Chris and I are never there together because of his aversion to shopping, however, we needed an office chair and he needed to be there to try it out. He was walking ahead of me and passed a display of little, square, wooden stools. He bumped one. Three fell. He tried to replace the three and five fell. I was hiding a couple of aisles back giggling. He finally got everything back in place and we went on the look at the chairs, which happen to be on the aisle right next to the rigged display. A few minutes later, a lady came along and started looking at the stools. Chris walked up behind me and started mumbling, "Watch out for those chairs, lady, they are rigged. They fall easily. Oh, see, I told you they were rigged." The last line was mumbled just as a few chairs came crashing down. I suddenly became really interested in a catalogue and Chris began studying the chairs like there was a pop quiz later. The lady tried to replace the fallen stools only to have more fall down. As this point, we had recovered from giggling like grade schoolers and went over to help her. Chris ended up redoing their display in such a way that did not promote tumbling stools. We wondered if the Carrefour workers had been hiding and laughing it up all day long.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ding, Ding, Ding... We Have a Winner!!!

According to (a site that generates random numbers, much like the ole' put- the- numbers- in- a- hat- and- draw- one- out trick) our winner is......

Number 10- Sis. Hathaway!!!

Sis. Hathaway, if you could please send me an e-mail to and give me your address, I will get it in the mail!

Thank you everyone SO MUCH for commenting and for reading this blog. So many of you tell me that it makes you laugh and for that, I am thankful. Now, on with the Medicine Moments.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sign in Info

Hi Everyone! Someone told me that to leave a comment, they were ask to provide my e-mail. So, if you have had the same problem, here is my e-mail.

Please do not put me on your forwards list or SPAM me! If you do, God will get you!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Should I Be Embarrassed?

A couple of Sundays ago, I showed up at church wearing my new headband. Imagine my surprise when someone else was wearing the same exact headband. This story wouldn't be notable, except.... she is 4 and I am not even close to 4.

This is my 100th post!! Want to win something? Leave a comment and I will randomly choose a winner to win a $25.00 (That's 100 quarters!!) gift card to Amazon. If you live here in Taiwan, you can choose the gift card or a cool $1000 NT in cash. I will stop taking comments on Saturday, May 22nd Taiwan time, which is Friday night Stateside time. A BIG thank you to everyone who reads this faithfully and keeps the dots on my map growing!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

No Cats in This Game

Yesterday, Abbey wanted to introduce a new game to Ethan. It is called "Copycat" and you basically copy everything that the leader does. Much like "Follow the Leader" except you are sitting instead of walking around. Things were going great until about two minutes into the game when the name of the game suddenly hit Ethan. "Hey", he said, "I don't want to play copyCAT, I want to play copyDOG!" Abbey explained that you can't just change the name of the game, but then Ethan remembered that she is currently in love with Chihuahuas. "Hey, what if we call it CopyChihuahua?" And just like that, I guess you really can change the name of the game. Anyone up for a game of "CopyChihuahua"?