Friday, January 30, 2009

The craziness of MKs

Most of the time, my kids seem like normal little American kids. Sure, they are picky about their Chinese food, request soup and rice more than they request McDonald's and say "Dway bu chee" instead of "I'm sorry". Yes, they would look at you like the world was over if you tried to serve them minute rice. But, for the most part, they are very American. However, within the last 10 days, their MK-ness has really shined through.

Case 1:

The other day I found taco shells, the hard kind, at Costco. We always eat soft shell tacos because it is next to impossible to find the hard kind. So, I excitedly bought them and came home ready to have "real tacos". When I sat the table for dinner, Abbey and Ethan both wanted to know where I got the "big chips". They liked the tacos, but preferred to eat the "big chips" without anything in them!

Case 2:

This past week has been Chinese New Year. At the local cultural center, they had tons of booths and games and train rides set up. We took the kids over to have a little fun and after awhile, they started noticing that 80% of the kids around them were eating ice cream. Well, it was a fun day, so we went to get some ice cream, too. These were the options available:

Vanilla and Chocolate swirl
Green tea
Strawberry and green tea swirl

What do you think the little MK's chose? Here's a clue to help you:
Yes, that's right. They chose green tea and strawberry swirl! I'm sure that the older they get, the more this MK-ness will show up. But, you know what? That is a good thing!

Jing Hwa!

Some of you who read this live in Taiwan, so an "update" on Jing Hwa may not be really interesting to you. However, if you think that I have left anything out, please feel free to post it in the comments section! For the rest of you who might be wondering if Jing Hwa is still wondering the Earth, I am happy to say that she is. Here's a picture to prove it.
She is the official translator in our church. That basically means that she is translating for someone during every service. She is still tons of fun and her English still has a southern accent! We haven't found her a husband yet, but if you know a great guy that is willing to move to Taiwan (*ahem* Please note that we aren't willing to let her move away) then send him over to this blog for a little look see. She is always joking that she needs to give me a picture of herself for my house so that when I have the English Home Meeting I can introduce her to any good guys. Well, Jing Hwa, This is better! I am introducing you to the world!
The other night we all went out to a little restaurant beside the ocean. We drank Chinese tea and ordered dinner and drank more Chinese tea. Before we knew it, we had been there for over 4 hours! Thankfully, it was a very laid back place where customers are expected to linger. She really is a wonderful blessing to our church and to me personally. To all of you who have said hello, I have passed those thoughts along to her.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Dangerous Milestone and the Discovery of Pirate Bones

Well, it was bound to happen sometime. It happen to Chris 9 times, every time involving his face. And Ethan does love to be like his BaBa. Sunday night after church, Ethan took a tumble down some steps. That wasn't the bad part. The bad part was that he had a little car in his hand and he put his hand up to block his face. The little car collided with his forehead and made a terrific gash. I was at the bottom of the steps when he turned around, tripped and fell back down a couple. I picked him up and blood was dripping onto the steps and my sleeve. So, all of us in our church clothes headed to the local ER. By the time we got there, it had stopped bleeding and I personally hoped that they would hand us a band-aid and send us home. But that was not to be the case. They handed us a form to give to the X-ray tech and said for us to come back for stitches. Three stitches in all. I have to say that Ethan was the most courageous child I have ever seen. He didn't fight the doctor and went in for the x-ray by himself! After stitching him up, the doctor showed us his x-ray (which was fine, praise God!). Ethan immediately wanted to know whose pirate bones those were. When he found out that they were his, you have never seen a little boy who was happier! So, now he keeps admiring himself in the mirror and saying, "I'm a pirate because I have pirate bones and I'm tough!". Had all of this happened to our daughter, you would have heard the screams in America and that would have just been when she realized that she was bleeding. She probably would have wanted to skip school and be on a self-imposed bed rest until the stitches came out. I don't care what anyone says, boys and girls are total opposites! It's not a Mars/Venus thing, it is more like a Mercury/Pluto thing! (Just for the record, I know that Pluto isn't considered a planet anymore, but it should be!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome to the world of 2009!

Yes, yes, call off the search and rescue teams, I am still alive. Here's a little update on the last month. And I do have tons of stories I want to write. If I can just remember them all! So, here's the recap:

The Christmas Musical: Awesome. No other word describes it. Just awesome! The scene where Mary sang "A Baby Changes Everything" and then right after that the Angel and the narrator sang, "Mary, Did You Know?" was so incredibly powerful. Even in our practices I just felt like weeping. Our turn out was wonderful. We had 83 for our Sunday Morning performance and 90 for the Sunday night performance. And most of those were not repeats. I am trying to talk Chris into letting us do an Easter Musical.

Christmas: Too much food! But it was great to spend it with family. Abbey and Ethan ate more candy in that one single day than they had eaten in the last year! My favorite gift? My bread machine!

New Year's: We spent it with our church family. In our service that night, we took communion and really rededicated ourselves. Then we all headed out to Starbucks for some coffee and then back to the church. We ended the year with testimonies about victories in 2008 and prayer. Of course, we "ended" 2008 about 13 hours ahead of most of you!

VACATION!: Right after the new year, we took a 3 day family vacation. It was the first vacation we have ever taken with just the four of us. We went down to the beach and wasted time playing around. We came back with sand in our shoes and our faces sunburned and can't even explain how much fun we had.

We still have a little more celebrating to do. Chinese New Year, which is THE BIGGEST holiday of the year is coming up in a little over a week. And before that, someone will turn 30!!!! I expect to feel just like 29 and I am not getting old. I'm not!

So, here's to a great and successful 2009. Just remember, if your goals are easy, you will always have a sense of success. So, I'm not setting a goal of 50 pounds to lose this year, but a goal of 5 pounds! That way, if I forget, I can squeeze it in at the end of December. Don't forget, you heard it here!