Saturday, August 30, 2008

Steam rollers and skin

I am always trying to encourage my children to drink water. I personally have wished that someone would have been stricter with my diet as a child so I could have formed good habits then instead of trying to do it now. One of my plugs for water to Abbey is that it makes your skin look smooth and pretty. (It really does! Only drink water for three days and look at the glow and healthiness of your skin!) So, today as she came back to the table with a cup of water, she began to tell me how water makes her skin beautiful and smooth. Holding up her arm, she said, "See how smooth it is!" Ethan has heard this before, but today his brain made a new connection. "Momma, our skin is smooth like the road?" he ask. "Like the road? What do you mean?" I replied. "You know, like Roley the steam roller smooths the roads in Builder Bob. Our skin is smooth like the road if we drink water?" he expanded. "Uh, yes, in a strange way, our skin is like the road." (If you have never seen a Bob the Builder book, the road are made out of putty or play dough, so they are indeed incredibly smooth!) Granted, I only have two children, but I am thinking that if these two were both girls, we might have never realized the connection between skin, steam rollers, and roads!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I am forced to tell this....

Sorry everyone for so many post in one day. I just want to get these things down before they are gone from my head. And one more thing. The following story needs a few disclaimers. 1. My father-in-law ask me to post this after I told them the story, 2. I have never said the first phrase to Ethan. I have said I was proud of him, 3. Yes, I normally wash his hands, but that day he didn't touch anything, 4. And finally, that's my disclaimers and I am proud of them!

Abigail, Ethan, and I went out to eat a couple of Sundays ago. After our food arrived, Ethan needed to be excused. I didn't want to get all of us up and gather our things and find a waitress and tell her not to take our food, so I left Abbey at the table. The bathroom was nearby, but I was still a little uneasy with the situation. After Ethan finished, to speed things along, I told him that we weren't going to wash his hands, just mine. Let me mention again, he had not touched anything! I turned the water on and of course, Ethan stuck his hands in the water. Well, I became a little grumpy with him and was fussing about telling him not to get his hands wet and how we had to hurry because Abbey was alone. Ethan then looked up at me scowling and said, "Momma, I am so not proud of you and I am feeling a little angry." So not proud of me? And a little angry? What three-year-old says that? I'm telling you, when he has your number, he isn't afraid to dial it!


I just want to go on record as saying that the guy who came up with the whole WWF/fake wrestling thing had cats. Probably two and the cats were siblings. I am guessing perhaps a sister and a brother. And the get-on-the-ropes-and-jump-off move, I am pretty sure that he infringed a cat copyright.

Hide and Seek

If you are playing hide and seek, never let your little brother hide with you. If you do, he will yell out the the seeker, "We're in here!". You will try to keep him quiet, but he will escape and go find the seeker. Then he will lead them to you, no matter how much they try not to follow. Next time, just make him find his own hiding spot, that is, if you can escape him.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Trading in her fur coat...

I found Jango looking like this the other morning.

Now, I understand a little girl wanting to dress up her pet. I can even understand a dog liking the clothes. However, I can not understand a cat who wears her pink, princess dress all day long and purrs every, single time you look at her. I grew up with cats and have more experience dressing them up than you can imagine. But, as an adult, I now understand why my grandpa didn't stop me. He fully enjoyed seeing the cats tumble and fight their way across the front yard leaving a trail of baby doll clothes. Cats hate clothes. They rank right under water and baths. But, I guess that isn't true of all cats. There is at least one cat that will purr all day if you've got the right dress. The only consolation is that it is Jango and not Vader.