Thursday, October 2, 2008

News about my Mom

Hello everyone! I haven't posted anything about my mom in ages. So, here's the 411. She finished her chemo treatments over a month ago. Less than a week after her last treatment, she got to go back on her MS meds. She said that she has never felt this good since her first MS attack over 14 years ago. There is an experimental treatment right now for MS. The patients actually take a short regiment of chemo treatments to treat their MS symptoms. From what I understand, they feel that the lack in quality of life during the treatments is worth the extreme benefits afterwards. Okay, well, that is pretty much how cancer patients feel. She has started her radiation treatments, but feels that they are a breeze. She is driving herself everywhere and according to my step dad, giving the teenage boys in the house a run for their money at the table.

Can you excuse me while I make a plug for Aflac? No, they aren't paying me, but I wouldn't be opposed! My mom has this insurance in addition to her other insurances. If you aren't familiar with Aflac, it is an insurance that pays directly to the family set amounts for different treatments. The theory behind it is that it will help you cover all of the out of pocket expenses involved with being sick. When you sign up, they encourage you to go get a mammogram and if it comes back okay, they pay for the mammogram and give you $70. If you do get a cancer report, they pay you $5000- 10000. Then they start paying you set amounts for the operation, chemo, and radiation treatments. My mom has other insurance that cover her medical bills, so she has been using this money to do some much needed repairs and renovation to her house. This has been a great distraction during everything. It has given her something else to think about and dream about and plan for while she has been sick. Almost like a reward for making it through everything. If everything goes as planned, I think they will be done with her house at about the same time she will finished her last treatment. It is going to look and feel like a whole new house! And hopefully, she will feel like a whole new person. Isn't God so amazingly thoughtful?

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MichelleH said...

Hey Sis thats good to hear about your mom I have been wondering about her. Please if you can give me her phone number so that I can call and check up on her. Thanks