Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Say What?

Everyone in Taiwan knows at least 2 phrases in English. A great deal more know more about English than your 5th grade English teacher did. The top two phrases would have to be:
  1. Hello (sometimes pronounced ha-low)
  2. How are you?

Sunday, walking from my car to the church, I met a guy who had learned a third phrase. I was walking by a construction site and men were up on the second level working. One guy saw a foreigner lady and just knew this was the perfect time to practice his English and ,perhaps, show off for his fellow workers. So he yelled (mind you, yelled!) down to the street this little ditty.

"Ha-low, how do you do? Kiss me!"

Kiss me? Thanks, but no thanks! I can't write this without laughing. Of all my time in Taiwan, that is the first time someone has practiced that phrase on me! I can only guess that he learned that from some American movie. Kiss him? Well, I know which street to avoid until that building is finished!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Motorhome- It's for sale!

Check out this slide show of our Motor home. At the top, there is an "info on/ info off" button. If you can't see the descriptions, click this button. We loved this motor home, we aren't loving the payments now that we are back in Taiwan (No deputation= No Moolah!). So, take a look see and tell all of your friends to take a look see, too! Any questions you may have, you can post in comments or e-mail me at ladiel79@hotmail.com. Thanks everyone for your help!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Camo Cat

Before we begin the story, check out this picture!

I know the picture isn't clear, but can you see the "war paint"? Well, guess who was "recruited"? It all went down like this. I had some oil based crayons in my Sunday School bag. Ethan knows that good things lurk in that bag, so he went exploring when I was busy in another room. I finished whatever it was I was doing and discovered that the kitchen was locked. I could hear movement and the occasional meow, so I demanded that "whoever is in this kitchen, open up now!". Can you see where this is headed? Ethan opened the door declaring that he didn't do it, it was his sister. Said sister was not in the kitchen, she was reading in her room. Jango shot out like a bullet and made a clean getaway to her safe haven (my room). When I checked her out, I discovered that all of her white parts had been painted blue and green. After "PrincessGate" (remember that incident from a few weeks ago?), maybe she is trying to recover her image!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mom and Dad B's new house

Last week, we got to go up to Mom and Dad Bracken's new house. We saw it right after they bought it, but since then, workers have been busy putting in ceilings, wallpaper, painting, and furniture. Here are a few picture for you all to see. In these pictures, she had not decorated yet. That was mainly because they had been moved in for two days at this point! Here's the tour!

This is their front yard. I realize that in the US this would be funny, but after 27 years with no yard, to even have a little bit is extremely exciting!

Here is the 1st floor. The back is a garage and this is going to be their bible study/ guest receiving room.

We are now on the 2nd floor in the family living room. The second floor has the kitchen, dining room, and living room. That one wall behind the couch is almost completely a window. Great view of tree tops!

Here is their dining area. Please excuse the toy mess! Abbey and Ethan were making themselves at home at Ye-Ye and Nai- Nai's house!

The kitchen! Oh, I want this kitchen! It is about three times the size of a normal kitchen in Taiwan. That island is unheard of on this island! And notice the dishwasher!

This a shot of the guestroom up on the fourth floor. Yes, we climbed four floors every time we went up to our room. It was great for our legs and I just need a week's vacation there to really get into shape. The 4th floor also includes an exercise room.

The 3rd floor has the master bedroom and the office. I would have taken a picture of the master bedroom, but the Caped Door Locker (He has struck our house so many times that we have two sets of keys to every room in the house!) had struck again and they were going to have to call a locksmith.

If you aren't familiar with the prices of things in Taiwan, then you might not know what a miracle and a blessing it is for them to buy this place. About 6 years ago, God opened the door for them to be able to buy. Since then, they have started a new church in Tainan that was about an hour from their home. Because travel is expensive, they needed to move to the city they were working in. So, through more blessings from God, they were able to sell their place in Kaohsiung for a good price and buy this new place. We are thrilled for them and just wanted to share it all with you!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Caution: May contain some form of English

I just got some new markers. They are from a Japanese company, made in China and marketed in Taiwan. I do not know who provided the "English" on the back, but it wasn't the USA. I thought you might enjoy when they had to say. So, here it is:


  • The children may put it into the mouth, please note. (Yes, indeed, please note!)
  • Please keep it with the lid must be closed after use.
  • Don't keep the goods under the direct rays of the sun and the hot place. (Umm, I don't imagine that there will be a very big market for markers in "the hot place"!)
  • Please do not use this product for other intended purposes instead of writing. (What other reason would you be buying markers if not to write?)

Crayola never had it this good!

Stutter Steps and tips

I have come to realize that I have developed a new talent since I became a parent. I privately refer to it as a "stutter step". It goes like this: You are walking normally, when you feel your foot start to press down on something you do not want to step on (a leggo, toy car, Polly Pocket shoe, cat poop (Ok, that last one has only happened once and if it ever happens again, I will have a nice cat rug!) ). You immediately push back up on your tip-toes with that foot and continue to walk normally with the other foot. Therefore, there is a "stutter" in your stride. Your body kinda teaches itself this trick after enough pain. You know, writing this makes me think about parenting books and the major problem with them. The writers almost always wait until their children are older and they have more time to write their books. I secretly think they wait until they are pretty sure that their kids are not going to because axe murders so as to not look embarrassed! But by that time, they have forgotten some of the little details that would be helpful. Ergo, here are a few of my tips from the "heat of the battle":

1. When you are getting ready to go somewhere, plan an extra hour. If your schedule is tight, kids know it and drop into "turtle mode".

2. If you just bought a big package of tiny army men, do not, I repeat, do not get up for a drink of water in the night. Trust me, it is better to be thristy.

3. Check everyones nose before you go to church. That is better than them checking it after you get there.

4. Expect your every word and action from home to be repeated in Sunday School.

5. Never ask your kid quietly in the ear at church if they just pooted. The word "pooted + a little kid= Major giggles.

Okay, that is my five tips for today. Read 'em and learn!