Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Say What?

Everyone in Taiwan knows at least 2 phrases in English. A great deal more know more about English than your 5th grade English teacher did. The top two phrases would have to be:
  1. Hello (sometimes pronounced ha-low)
  2. How are you?

Sunday, walking from my car to the church, I met a guy who had learned a third phrase. I was walking by a construction site and men were up on the second level working. One guy saw a foreigner lady and just knew this was the perfect time to practice his English and ,perhaps, show off for his fellow workers. So he yelled (mind you, yelled!) down to the street this little ditty.

"Ha-low, how do you do? Kiss me!"

Kiss me? Thanks, but no thanks! I can't write this without laughing. Of all my time in Taiwan, that is the first time someone has practiced that phrase on me! I can only guess that he learned that from some American movie. Kiss him? Well, I know which street to avoid until that building is finished!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Smile. I can hear Chris now. That will be his phrase to you from now on!
Sister Hester