Monday, September 15, 2008

Mom and Dad B's new house

Last week, we got to go up to Mom and Dad Bracken's new house. We saw it right after they bought it, but since then, workers have been busy putting in ceilings, wallpaper, painting, and furniture. Here are a few picture for you all to see. In these pictures, she had not decorated yet. That was mainly because they had been moved in for two days at this point! Here's the tour!

This is their front yard. I realize that in the US this would be funny, but after 27 years with no yard, to even have a little bit is extremely exciting!

Here is the 1st floor. The back is a garage and this is going to be their bible study/ guest receiving room.

We are now on the 2nd floor in the family living room. The second floor has the kitchen, dining room, and living room. That one wall behind the couch is almost completely a window. Great view of tree tops!

Here is their dining area. Please excuse the toy mess! Abbey and Ethan were making themselves at home at Ye-Ye and Nai- Nai's house!

The kitchen! Oh, I want this kitchen! It is about three times the size of a normal kitchen in Taiwan. That island is unheard of on this island! And notice the dishwasher!

This a shot of the guestroom up on the fourth floor. Yes, we climbed four floors every time we went up to our room. It was great for our legs and I just need a week's vacation there to really get into shape. The 4th floor also includes an exercise room.

The 3rd floor has the master bedroom and the office. I would have taken a picture of the master bedroom, but the Caped Door Locker (He has struck our house so many times that we have two sets of keys to every room in the house!) had struck again and they were going to have to call a locksmith.

If you aren't familiar with the prices of things in Taiwan, then you might not know what a miracle and a blessing it is for them to buy this place. About 6 years ago, God opened the door for them to be able to buy. Since then, they have started a new church in Tainan that was about an hour from their home. Because travel is expensive, they needed to move to the city they were working in. So, through more blessings from God, they were able to sell their place in Kaohsiung for a good price and buy this new place. We are thrilled for them and just wanted to share it all with you!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I told you I would be lurking! I come back often and I just wish you weren't so busy and could post more often. Tell all the Hesters send our love and prayers from Vicksburg.

Tiffany Bracken: said...

Me too! Somedays I ahve a great story, but no time to tell it. I am trying to write myself reminders so I can remember them later when I have time to post! Thanks again for keeping up with me! We love you guys!