Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Camo Cat

Before we begin the story, check out this picture!

I know the picture isn't clear, but can you see the "war paint"? Well, guess who was "recruited"? It all went down like this. I had some oil based crayons in my Sunday School bag. Ethan knows that good things lurk in that bag, so he went exploring when I was busy in another room. I finished whatever it was I was doing and discovered that the kitchen was locked. I could hear movement and the occasional meow, so I demanded that "whoever is in this kitchen, open up now!". Can you see where this is headed? Ethan opened the door declaring that he didn't do it, it was his sister. Said sister was not in the kitchen, she was reading in her room. Jango shot out like a bullet and made a clean getaway to her safe haven (my room). When I checked her out, I discovered that all of her white parts had been painted blue and green. After "PrincessGate" (remember that incident from a few weeks ago?), maybe she is trying to recover her image!

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