Monday, February 8, 2010

A Story of Jealousy

This is a story of jealousy and how it always punishes you more than the other person. As you know, we have two cats in the Bracken household. Two cats that I have always assumed were a little two dumb to process the concept of jealousy. However....

The other day, Vader crawled between me and the arm of the couch for a little nap. It was a bit chilly and I believe he was looking for the warmest spot in the house more than experiencing actual affection for me. After a while, I started talking to him in my "kitty come hither" voice. In case you are wondering, it is the same high pitched voice most people use on animals and a few even use on babies. A genetic defect of all humans. Jango heard me and assumed I must be talking to her. She came over, meowing and purring and winding herself around my ankles. It wasn't until she put her front paws on the couch as she prepared to jump up that she noticed Vader and realized I had been petting him. The look on her face as she looked from him to me was one of pure kitty betrayal. Gone was the purring, gone was the meowing. She backed back down to the floor and walked over to the rug. As she sat facing away from me, I tried to entice her to come back over and join us. She glanced over he shoulder with a "you've got to be kidding me" look. When I stood up and walked over to pet her, she sensed I wasn't sorry and went to hide under the couch and pout. Fortunately, her memory is about a minute long on a good day and she soon came out from under the couch looking for her food bowl. Which was fitting, since that truly is her first love.

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Zhu Que said...

Jango and Vader? Are you a Star Wars fan? How does your husband feel about that! :D Sorry, Sis. Bracken. Love the post. I'm a kid who used to hang out with Bro. Chris when I was under 10.