Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Realizations concerning Confusion

A few days ago I was talking with a lady. She is super brilliant, but seems to move through life by going from one bad choice, one bad relationship, to another bad choice or relationship. As she was talking, I kept thinking to myself, how can one person who is so intelligent make such bad decisions. Have you ever met someone like this? Suddenly, it was like a light turned on. This is what a life without prayer looks like. I prayed before I started dating my husband. I prayed before I chose which college to attend. I prayed before I got married, had children, came to Taiwan, and any other major decision in my life. I still pray before I teach a class, cook a meal, go to study Chinese and a hundred other little decisions that make up my life. Prayer is such a go to place before deciding things in my life that I had forgotten that some people never pray about such things. They follow their logic or intuition or emotions and hope for the best. When things turn upside down, they blame it on fate or "never- meant- to- be's" or the other person. And for me, that is kinda like deciding to go on a trip and not checking the mileage and filling up on gas. Then when you run out of gas, blaming it on the car. So, what am I trying to say in my rambling way? Folks, if you want to avoid a lot of problems and broken hearts (yours!), you might want to consider prayer. There is no decision to large or small to pray about. I can't take credit for the good things in my life, only for knowing the one who knows it all.

Incidentally, Chris would say that he never prayed about getting the cats and has been suffering ever since. So, let that be a lesson to you.


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Here is one for the bulletin! lol Sister Hester

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