Friday, March 7, 2008

Next time, I'm going shopping alone.

The other day I was being checked out by a nice lady with an extremely bloodshot eye. During the course of our chatting, she mentioned that her contact had torn and scratched her eye. My cute kids were there, thus a story developed. The lady leaned over to say hello to Ethan and the next few minutes went like this:

"Hi, what's your name?"

"You're ugly" (I am too horrified to react quickly and am hoping she didn't here that!)

"Humm? What did you say?"

Abigail covers Ethan's mouth with her hand and replies,

"He said you're pretty"

And just like that, the pendulum swung from severely honest to lying. As you know, we have been working with her on saying things that aren't polite, but I would like to mention that we never taught her, nor even hinted that she should lie. Actually, less talking was what we were hoping for! Unfortunately for all of us, the dear lady did understand Ethan's superb English and fell over the counter laughing at my kids. My mother-in-law has said that kids keep your feet on the ground and boy, is THAT true!

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Chantel said... will say the craziest things at the wrong times won't they? I was in Las Vegas when my Cousin was going thru Chemo for her cancer, she had two girls that were 5 and 7...we were sitting down to dinner and the youngest said to me...I don't think you will fit there you have a big bottom (well the other word). ROFL. Her mom was horrified! Ah well.