Friday, February 29, 2008

Honey, call the repair man.

One day this week, we got up and got ready to head down the road. Chris went to turn on the motorhome and nothing. Uh, uh, uh, but no varoom. We look at each other wondering what could be wrong. He tries again and I head to the back to pray. We want to sell this thing soon and don't want any monkey business from the engine area right now. Still there is no varoom. I hang around long enough to see that I am in the way and then gather the kids and head off to Wal-mart. Chris found a mechanic to come look at it and he puzzles for a bit. "How many miles do you have on this?" "About 20,000" "Well, your fuel pump shouldn't have gone out, but gas isn't getting to the motor." "Can you check that here?" (We were in Walmart parking lot! Great for me, not for Chris) "Nope, you will have to towed to my shop and I will have to take the back of this off to get to it." The mechanic goes around back to look at where the fuel pump is located and gives the gas tank a good slap. "Son, this sounds empty to me." And yes, yes it was empty! The 6 hour delay, the prayer meeting, and the stress were all because the gauge stopped at 1/4 and the tank didn't.

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