Monday, March 17, 2008

A pet what?

Abigail and Ethan are at the age where they are fascinated by pets. Every place we go, if they have a pet, Abigail or Ethan will cry when it is time to leave. Not too long ago, after a crying session, Chris promised the kids that they can have a pet when we get back to Taiwan. Anyone who knows Chris knows that he isn't fond of animals. But for cats, there is a special lack of fondness. When Abigail heard that they could get a pet, she immediately said that she wants a "little, bitty, baby cat". Ethan quickly replied "NO!" I saw the look on Chris' face that said, "That's my boy! He's not going to put up with this cat stuff, he wants a dog!". Then Ethan continued, "I want a BIG cat!" I promised them that sooner or later, they would both get their wish. Chris promised to have a home office where the cat is not allowed to visit.

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