Friday, November 21, 2008

Show me!

The other day someone gave Abigail some stickers and didn't give any to Ethan. Which is perfectly fine, in theory. Ethan wanted Abbey to share and she didn't want to share her stickers because "I only have 8, momma". I thought we had the issue settled, but in typical sibling fashion, the next day Abbey pulled out her stickers and started showing them to Ethan. Then when he wanted one, she firmly denied him. Well, since the rule is that you can't tease, we told Abbey that if she showed the stickers to Ethan, she had to give him one. This sounded great to Ethan, because in the middle of the discussion, he immediately began yelling, "Show me, show me!" And the yellow smiley face sticker goes to the yelling brother. Case solved.

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