Sunday, November 23, 2008

The headless saints and other funnies

As you may already know, I am one of the teachers for the 6 years old and under class. We always have tons of funny things happen in our class, but Evita and I usually manage to somehow keep the class going and not laugh. That was not the case a couple of weeks ago. I can't remember the lesson she was teaching, but she had given all of the children two finger puppets each. (She had made these, just like all of the puppets we use in our class.) Well, she had the Jesus Puppet and he prayed for all the other puppets. Some of the puppets were sick and some were old and some just had a nasty cough. Well, of course, after "Jesus" prayed for them, they got better. Or so we would have wished. As she continued her story, one of the kids suddenly held up her puppet and it's head had fallen off! Something about having just prayed for them and then the puppet's head falling off just hit us as being so funny. Evita and I lost it laughing. Then the other kids realized they could take the heads off and ALL of the puppets lost their heads! Poor Evita! She gave up on the lesson because we couldn't stop laughing and just collected the puppets and their heads. On days like that, it is best to just go to snack time. Here's a picture of the puppets with their heads reattached:

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