Thursday, November 20, 2008

Catching up.

Hello to everyone of my dear friends that reads this and has wondered if I was dead or alive. I am alive. This month hit our household like a runaway train and I now have a great admiration for bloggers that stay faithful. I mainly appreciate them because I have been reading their blogs instead of writing mine! But, I am happy to say that a writing spirit is on me and I am going to use it before I lose it. Before we get to the stories, here is a little of the latest news. Abbey is now six years old! (There will be a blog more about that!). The last English home group swelled to 33 people. Abbey has started kindergarten and Ethan and I are still adjusting. We had a wonderful leaders retreat last weekend and a teenage girl got baptized on Sunday. She had previously gotten the Holy Ghost at our ladies conference. The temperatures have dropped to the glorious land of the low 70's and I am lovin' it! We are hoping that it will hold out through the holidays so we do not have to turn on the air conditioners while we drink our hot chocolate. So, now that you are caught up, on to the details!

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