Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Trading in her fur coat...

I found Jango looking like this the other morning.

Now, I understand a little girl wanting to dress up her pet. I can even understand a dog liking the clothes. However, I can not understand a cat who wears her pink, princess dress all day long and purrs every, single time you look at her. I grew up with cats and have more experience dressing them up than you can imagine. But, as an adult, I now understand why my grandpa didn't stop me. He fully enjoyed seeing the cats tumble and fight their way across the front yard leaving a trail of baby doll clothes. Cats hate clothes. They rank right under water and baths. But, I guess that isn't true of all cats. There is at least one cat that will purr all day if you've got the right dress. The only consolation is that it is Jango and not Vader.

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