Saturday, August 30, 2008

Steam rollers and skin

I am always trying to encourage my children to drink water. I personally have wished that someone would have been stricter with my diet as a child so I could have formed good habits then instead of trying to do it now. One of my plugs for water to Abbey is that it makes your skin look smooth and pretty. (It really does! Only drink water for three days and look at the glow and healthiness of your skin!) So, today as she came back to the table with a cup of water, she began to tell me how water makes her skin beautiful and smooth. Holding up her arm, she said, "See how smooth it is!" Ethan has heard this before, but today his brain made a new connection. "Momma, our skin is smooth like the road?" he ask. "Like the road? What do you mean?" I replied. "You know, like Roley the steam roller smooths the roads in Builder Bob. Our skin is smooth like the road if we drink water?" he expanded. "Uh, yes, in a strange way, our skin is like the road." (If you have never seen a Bob the Builder book, the road are made out of putty or play dough, so they are indeed incredibly smooth!) Granted, I only have two children, but I am thinking that if these two were both girls, we might have never realized the connection between skin, steam rollers, and roads!

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