Thursday, July 31, 2008

Childhood Confusion

Tonight, the kids and I were in the car going somewhere. We were listening to kids music and Abbey was singing her little heart out. The song was "Love Never Fails". Abbey was singing "Love Veggie Tales". I call out to her and tell her that the words are "love never fails". "Oh" she says, "Okay" and continues singing. "Love never tells. Love never tells. L-O-V-E will never tell on you!" I was completely losing it in the front trying not to laugh out loud. Then the next song came on. "Peace Be Still" is the original version. Abbey had a little personal take on this one, too! "Please be still, please be still. You always have and always will hafta please be still!" I think deputation is having a lasting effect on her!

The other confusion among the children was solved before I realized that it existed. Abigail and Ethan were sitting down looking at their Veggie Tales story time book.
"Look, he's a tomato."
"And he's a cucumber."
"Momma, what's Junior?"
"Oh, he is an asparagus."
Then Ethan proclaimed, " There is a lot of vegetables in this book!" To which Abbey replied, "Yeah, it's like everyone in this whole book is a vegetable!" I did explain that veggie is a short way to say vegetables, but I am thinking that is one "Big Idea"!
(Just in case you don't get this joke, Big Idea is the company that produces all of the Veggie Tales stuff!)


Zhu Que said...

Awesome. I loved Aunt Sandy's lines about her little Buddy on that other one!

Wonder how they're doing? How are y'all? Doing busily well, from what I've read.

Just out of curiousity, what do you think of my pseudonym?

Thanks! Good day!

Tiffany Bracken: said...

Hey! Chris said to tell you hello! We are doing great. Busy, yes, but great. Is your pseudonym from Star Wars?