Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hey Pretty Girl...

Last Monday, Mom Bracken was talking to Abigail. I wasn't there for this conversation, but it needs to be shared!

Mom: "Abigail, you are a pretty girl. Did you know that you are a pretty girl?"

Abbey: (smiles and nods yes)

Mom: "Does your Baba tell you that you are a pretty girl?"

A: (still smiling, shakes her head no)

M: "Oh, your Baba doesn't call you are a pretty girl? What does he call you?"

A: "He calls me a Pei- Den" (pronounced pee-don which means literally in Chinese "rotten egg". It is common phrase used for kids that are constantly getting into mischief. The closest thing in English that I can think of might be saying to a little kid, "You little booger".)

Later, when we were laughingly telling Chris about this conversation, he corrected the situation by telling us that he actually calls her a "pretty pei-den". Yes, I can see how that makes it better. "You're a rotten egg, but a pretty, rotten egg!"

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