Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stop #2- Lodi

In Lodi, We squeezed in a couple of days of cousins time! Those two lovelies with my children are Andy's (Chris' older brother) kids. We hadn't seen Kyler since he was a baby, so it was a shock to the kids to see him so big and grown up.

Abbey and Ethan love to go to Uncle Andy's house not only for the cousins, but for the backyard (where they dug a huge mud pit and got disgracefully dirty) and the tire swing! Here, Uncle Andy is doing the pushing. Kyler is still a little bit too little for the tire, but Abbey, Kailan and Ethan were having a blast!

We were also excited to see Uncle Josh! He came down (over?) from San Fran. We put him right to work! Josh is a good sport and all the kids love him.

We always have fun in Lodi, so you can imagine that there were tears when it was time to leave. Maybe next time, the cousins can play together in Taiwan! (hint hint)

Next stop... Fresno and West Coast Conference


The Grace of God said...

So I am the kid, too? (YE~ I am the kid, so young!! :DD...kekeke~) I love uncle JOSH!!!
Ohhhhh I MISSSSS JOSH soooooo muchh!

by 強(John)叔(uncle)

The Grace of God said...



It is uncomfortable to read sentence in red for me. Would you like to change the word's color? Thank you very much!

Tiffany Bracken: said...

So Sorry that it is uncomfortable for you to read! But... I kinda like the red color because it is a Christmas color. Just Wait, everything will change in January!!

Kate said...

Awww how adorable! The Bracken kids are getting so big!! I remember when it was me and Anna who were that age!

And, getting disgracefully dirty in mud pits is the best part of childhood!! My mom still "scolds" me over a dress from my grandma that I destroyed the very first time I wore it! <_< >_> lol