Thursday, December 30, 2010

HIs Hands

I want to introduce you all to a non profit organization that we help out from time to time. It is a home for unwed mothers and an adotion agency for their babies. Two ladies, one American and one Canadian, started His Hands when they realized how many abortions take place in Taiwan each year. (280,000 legal abortions and 300,000 illegal abortions equaling over 500,000 abortions each year!!) Here is a link to their website with all the information and pictures of cute babies! Click here!

We currently have a two month old (Baby Jakeb) with us for the week so that the nannies could have a much deserved break during Christmas and New Years. He is such a cuddly cutie! When I was talking with one of the ladies setting up when I would get the baby and such, I ask her, "Will I have a car seat and a stroller for the baby?" In the past, they have given me these items to use for the time that I will have the baby. She told me that they have enough car seats to send one with each baby, but a lot of their strollers have broken recently. They use these strollers for when volunteers come over to the House of Hope to take the babies out for a walk or when babies go home with a volunteer for the weekend. They currently have nine babies and 3 strollers.

Our local church has been given the opportunity to give an offering to help purchase strollers for His Hands and I would like to extend this opportunity to you. If you want to donate money to His Hands, you can send it to my palpay ( and I will use 100% of it to buy new strollers for them. If you just want to help them out, you can do that through their website. The sheer amount of diapers and formula they use daily is amazing.

As Christians, we have a responsibility to not just say, "Be clothed, be full, or abortions are wrong", but to provide clothes, food and a different option. His Hands is providing a different option that is making a difference in the lives of so many babies. I know it sure has made a difference for Baby Jakeb!


Julia Manners said...

One day we want to adopt..who knows maybe this will be the place for us to contact. You are wonderful to be doing this!

Zhu Que said...

I LOVE your new background! I wish I could give.