Monday, October 4, 2010

Song Scramble

Abbey and Ethan have been providing me with so many "Confused Words Songs" that I think I could make Song Scramble a weekly thing! Here is the latest installment:

1. Ethan and Abbey were listening to one of my old cds. Does anyone out there remember Anointed and their song "For the Sake of the Call"? Well, there is a line that says, "No turning back, looking straight ahead...". Ethan chose to sing it as, "No turning back, I'm gonna shave my head." I guess that is a big thing to him.

2. Another old cd of 4-Him has a song where they are singing either "Hey God, Hey God" or "Yea God, Yea God". Abbey was singing it as "Hey girl, Hey girl" when Ethan quickly corrected her. His corrected version? "Make up, Make up". Needless to say, I was giggling it up around the corner!


Meagan Rowell said...

Hello Sis. Tiffany! :)

Thank YOU for following my blog! Hehe :) I'm very busy with school so I'm having a hard time actually starting it up again. I already have a few posts/hairdos in mind but need the time to actually do it.

Looking forward to more posts ;)

Happy Blogging<3

Meagan R.

Mary Frances said...

Heeey Sis. Tiffany, I just found your blog from reading your comment on my friend Meagan Rowell's blog! I love your blog already! I LOVE this song scramble post cuz my neice does the SAME thing with songs! its sooo funny! I'll have to post some of her funnies up on my blog sometime! OH and i love your post about textin your brother! HAHAHA!!! That was cute AND FUNNY! BROTHERS!!! I have 3 of em!!! LOL! Well come check out my blogs sometime, is updated ALMOST daily! is more stories an articles that I have written. OH BTW way, your in Tawain, by any chance do you know the Votaws???

Tiffany Bracken: said...

Mary Frances,

I am so happy that you found my blog! Yes, I do know the Votaws. When they lived in Taiwan, they were up in Taipei, so we didn't get to see them much, but when we did it was great. I will be sure to check out your blog!

Mary Frances said...

Thats COOL! The we knew the Votaws in NYC where they had a church, I was only like 2 at the time but the pretty much won my mom to the Lord! They are AWESOME people!!!