Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Sunday

As some of you are just beginning your Sunday, mine has almost ended. But it was a wonderful Sunday. Anytime three people get baptized, it is a good Sunday.

The first to get baptized was a 5 year old little girl named Rebekah. Chris doesn't routinely baptize children, but after talking with her, he felt that she really understood what was going on and did indeed want to get baptized. Abbey was baptized when she was 4, but she had received the Holy Ghost earlier that night.

The next to get baptized was Rebekah's grandmother, Huang Mama. Today was her birthday and she is 65. Talk about going from one end to the other of the age spectrum! (I am particularly proud of the underwater shot I got!)

The next young lady is from our new work in LiGang. She is the first to be baptized from the church we started there in April of this year.

Finally, how do you know if you had good church?

If you look like this afterwards!!


Kathy McElhaney said...

Awesome! I was 6 when I was baptized, so I love seeing children seeking God at a young age. And what a special day to be baptized on the same day as her grandmother!

Mary Frances said...

LOL! That last picture is FUNNY! But its the truth!!! HAHA! That is sooo awesome that you had all those baptisms, that little girl is ADORABLE!!! Btw- if you have a chance follow my blog too...k! Thanks and God bless! :) I'll be back to read more next time!

Tiffany Bracken: said...

Mary Frances, I am already a follower. You are crazy!! ( I mean that in a good way!) Thanks for linking people to my page from yours.

The Grace of God said...

I hope I am at KUPC last night!
The last picture(Vivian and Abbey and Ethan) is so awesome! I also want to be one of them! :)

Julia Manners said...

GREAT News..thank you for sharing.