Friday, June 25, 2010

Revival in Taipei

Everyone, I am so excited about Taipei!!! Before I get to the good part, let me give you a little history.

When Chris and I first came back to Taiwan as a married couple 9 years ago, we moved to Taipei to start a church. We were 22 at the time and I think the experience was more to let us know that we didn't know Jack. Needless to say, a church did not get started and we eventually came down to Kaohsuing. Now, fast forward to last year. We had an evangelist from the States, who felt a great burden for Taipei, help us with some outreach that resulted in a weekly Bible Study Class in Taipei. Taipei is 6 hours driving from Kaohsiung, but thank God we have the bullet train which takes about an hour and a half to two hours. Chris has been going up every Saturday (along with Jing Hwa) and teaching this class. That means an early morning and a long day right before Sunday. (If you have read the LiGang Report here , you know we have three services on Sunday.)

Now, for the exciting part!! Chris just baptized the first person in Taipei this month!! We had two of our Taipei people to receive the Holy Ghost at our national conference back in February, but this is the first baptism. And, for the REALLY BIG NEWS, Chris will start having services there later this year! There is going to finally be an Apostolic, Chinese church in Taipei!!


Julia Manners said...

Wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, absolutly awesome!

Sandy Hester