Saturday, June 5, 2010

LiGang Report

You all, I meant to post this blog a few months ago, but I wanted to post pictures with it and that turned into a BIG fiasco! After messing with the pictures forever, I forgot that I didn't actually post this! So, 3 months late, here is the wonderful news I wanted to share!

March 21st, we had our first service in LiGang (pronounced Lee Gah-ng), about 45 minutes Northeast of Kaohsiung. Chris has been teaching a Bible study class there since December 2009, and we had two people from this Bible study receive the Holy Ghost at our national conference this year in February. One of the ladies who attends the class is currently loaning us, free of charge, the first floor of a building she owns. God bless her!

Chris wasn't sure what to expect for the first service, but God amazed and astounded us! We had 39 people in attendance, with only 13 of those being from the Kaohsuing church! Then, then, we had two people receive the Holy Ghost for the first time!! There was such an awesome move of God's spirit and confirmation that this was the right step to take. So, praise God and keep us in prayer (especially Chris) as Sunday now has three back to back services.

We had our official church dedication last month and I am sorry to say that I forgot how many people we had in attendance, but we ran out of chairs and several of us stood for the whole service. Dad Bracken preached for us and once again, we had a wonderful move of God's spirit. Oh yeah, here is the slide show that I wanted to post before.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Tiff, I hadn't realized how much I had missed your blog! I think it has been since April since I read it, and I completely missed the contest. Shoot!

Anyway, I had a wonderful 20 minutes just now reading/laughing/giggling and enjoying! Thanks for doing this. It reall is enjoyable to us! You are SUPER!

Love from the Hesters

PS we are eagerly awaiting Jing's visit!

julia Manners said...

AWESOME pictures. It makes my heart warm and my soul soar when I read good reports on growth in Taiwan. Truly, I am so happy! Thank you for your faithfulness to the people of Taiwan!