Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cat Tales

There once were two cats who roamed the house at will, hiding and stalking and chasing and fighting at night. Only at night. And sleeping and sleeping and sleeping during the day. They also sharpened their claws on a couch. A couch that did not belong to their reluctant owners. A couch that these same owners had to pay to have recovered when they moved. And they had to pay a lot. Enough to almost have bought themselves a new couch. So they invested in a Kitty Condo. Four levels of kitty fun enclosed in a white wire frame with a door. And all was well in the world.

Especially in the world of a certain little boy. In times past, those wily cats had avoided too much contact with said little boy. Mainly because he thinks he is a super hero and they are the nasty villains. Oh, but now, he could get to those cats and pet them when no one was looking and run away when he thought someone was. One morning, he climbed on top of the Kitty Condo and discovered that it has wheels. It went left and sadly he went right. After he recovered, he took the cats for a ride. I know this because of the great meowing and hissing and falling cat sounds I heard from another room. And now, that same little boy is banned from looking at the cats or talking to the cats and most of all, from touching the Kitty Condo. Finally, all is well in the cat's world.


Julia Manners said...

OOh how this made me laugh.

Tiffany Bracken: said...

It funny, but it still makes me laugh too when I read it!