Monday, September 21, 2009

Why all the bridge hate, you ask?

Okay, when Chris heard my last post (sometimes I make him listen to them!), he focused mainly on the fact that I was practicing bridge hate. I told him that it isn't all bridges, but just that one. Here is a snippet of that conversation:

C: "Why that bridge?"

M: "Because it is so long and there is a hump in the middle and you can't see the other side."

C: "It's not that long and besides, the one in Louisiana is longer. Do you hate it?"

M: "No, because that one is flat. When I was a kid, I was at someones house and they had a TV. There was some movie on and the only part I saw was the collapsed bridge and cars driving over the hump and flying out into the air. I was always afraid that the bridge was going to be out and because like three people a day drive the Natchez, I was going to be the first to discover that it was out."

(At this point, Chris is scowling and I am imagining my car flying out into thin air.)

And so you have it. That is why I hate that bridge. Logical? Maybe not. But fears rarely are logical in nature.

Later that night, I was thinking about that bridge and realized that there was a spiritual lesson to be learned from it. You see, I was on one side and really wanted to be on the other side. But the bridge had to be crossed. Once on the bridge, I couldn't see the other side, but had to trust that the other side was still there and trust God that the bridge was going to get me there. Sometimes when God ask us to do something, we have to leave a place where we are comfortable to get there. We really want to do what God is asking, but the uncertainty of the bridge scares us. The other side is your success. But on the bridge, that is where you don't know if you will be a success or a failure. Are you going to make it or go flying off into thin air and crash into the water? But, you have to try. Yes, the bridge could have been out (obviously, it never was!), but I never would have gotten home by just sitting on the other side worrying about the bridge. And you will never be a success just sitting where it is comfortable and worrying about the risk.


Anonymous said...

We drove down the Trace on our mini-vacation to Natchez.... I have 50 mph hate now! :) Gavin almost developed a nervous twitch. I love reading your blogs (when I remember to, that is)!

Tiffany Bracken: said...

Yeah, the speed limit is horrid. At night it is so tempting to speed and then slow down when you meet a car in case it is a trooper. I just can't see someone sitting in their car on the side of that dark road for hours waiting to catch someone speeding.