Friday, June 5, 2009

Tape that doesn't stick and biases that do

Sometimes, I look at my family and realize that even though we all have US passports, I am the only real American in the bunch. With Chris having grown up over here and my kids in the process of growing up over here (if Ethan can slow down enough to give himself a chance to grow up!), they are somewhat influenced by the world around them. This really came home to me yesterday. Ethan has these four metal post that junt out of his leg and connect to the metal contraption on the outside. Every other day, we need to change the bandages around the post. And the special tape that we got (special because it is suppose to be made to stick to skin) does not want to stick. In my frustration with the tape, I told the kids, "This tape is from some place not good." Abbey replied, "Maybe, maybe it is from China!" Now, while all of my Taiwanese readers laugh, let me explain this to the Americans scratching their heads. Everyone in Taiwan checks to see where things are made. And if the item is plagued with a "made in China" sticker, it is declared to be of horrible quality and assumed to have some strange chemical placed there for the sole purpose of harming the consumers. Some people will not even buy trash bags that are made in China. And my darling daughter, at the tender age of 6, is already aware of product bias. Oh well, I guess with the lead paint scare, the milk scare, the flip-flop scare, and the Red Bull scare, it pays to be informed!

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