Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Dangerous Milestone and the Discovery of Pirate Bones

Well, it was bound to happen sometime. It happen to Chris 9 times, every time involving his face. And Ethan does love to be like his BaBa. Sunday night after church, Ethan took a tumble down some steps. That wasn't the bad part. The bad part was that he had a little car in his hand and he put his hand up to block his face. The little car collided with his forehead and made a terrific gash. I was at the bottom of the steps when he turned around, tripped and fell back down a couple. I picked him up and blood was dripping onto the steps and my sleeve. So, all of us in our church clothes headed to the local ER. By the time we got there, it had stopped bleeding and I personally hoped that they would hand us a band-aid and send us home. But that was not to be the case. They handed us a form to give to the X-ray tech and said for us to come back for stitches. Three stitches in all. I have to say that Ethan was the most courageous child I have ever seen. He didn't fight the doctor and went in for the x-ray by himself! After stitching him up, the doctor showed us his x-ray (which was fine, praise God!). Ethan immediately wanted to know whose pirate bones those were. When he found out that they were his, you have never seen a little boy who was happier! So, now he keeps admiring himself in the mirror and saying, "I'm a pirate because I have pirate bones and I'm tough!". Had all of this happened to our daughter, you would have heard the screams in America and that would have just been when she realized that she was bleeding. She probably would have wanted to skip school and be on a self-imposed bed rest until the stitches came out. I don't care what anyone says, boys and girls are total opposites! It's not a Mars/Venus thing, it is more like a Mercury/Pluto thing! (Just for the record, I know that Pluto isn't considered a planet anymore, but it should be!)


Anonymous said...

Aww how sweet he is! And your way of putting these stories are so funny. I had a thought I might use these for my student to practice interpreting!

Sandra Hester

Tiffany Bracken: said...

Thank you so much for the confidence! A lot of the Chinese read this site to practice their English! Love you guys!

Denita Brown said...

Oh yea, I understand this story. Read about ours "Little Old Man." Cade was 4 and had stitches 4 times, one for each year of his life! God is so awesome to protect our children from killing themselves through antics such as these! Love Ya, Love your blog! Makes us crazy Americans feel a part!
Denita Brown

Melody Burns said...

What a cute story . . . and he is such a cute little boy! However, our Sawyer who I'm surprised you haven't heard him screaming in Taiwan when he gets hurt. (Which seems to be quite often, I guess he's accident prone.) Also he is just like Abbey about the blood. The first thing he does when he gets hurt is scream bloody murder and then when it occurs to him that he's hurt and might be bleeding, he says hysterically, "Is it bleeding? Is it bleeding? Is it bleeding?" I try to sidestep his question if he is, but he will not be deterred! ;)