Saturday, December 13, 2008

Questions about God

Today we were sitting in church during the worship time and Ethan got to thinking about Jesus. He suddenly got up, came over to me, and began asking questions.

E: "Does Jesus wear clothes?"
Me: "Yes, he did."
E: "At night, does he put on his PJ's and go to sleep in his bed?"
M: "Yes, he did put on his PJ's and go to bed."
E: "What kind of bed did he sleep in?"
M: "Well, maybe he slept on the floor on a mat with his blanket." (yeah, I was guessing, but it sounds good!)
E: "How did Jesus go up when he went to heaven?"
M: "He just rose up like this." ( I picked him up a little to demonstrate) "And when you get Jesus in your heart, you can maybe go to heaven like that one day too."
E: "Will there be a big ladder for me to climb up all the way to heaven?"
M: "Nope, you will just rise up like Jesus, maybe."
E: "I'm gonna get Jesus in my heart and get baptized. Could Jesus baptize himself?"
M: "No, remember the story from Sunday School about John the Baptist baptizing Jesus?"

And that comment got him to thinking about Sunday School and Lord only knows what else. Just when you think that they are totally not getting anything from Sunday School, your kid pops up with questions like this. Since I am one of his teachers, I know just how much he tries to goof off in class! It seems most of the time that he is more focused on sitting by the right person (Amber) or not sitting by someone (Amber again, their relationship is complicated to say the least! I'm going to blog about that soon!) than listening. So tell me, really, could Jesus baptize himself?

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