Saturday, October 10, 2015

Christian Development Course in Chinese

Hello World!

Many of you have approached us over the years and ask for help when witnessing to Chinese people you have met.  You have made a new friend, but you've discovered that only so much can be communicated in nods, smiles and hand gestures!  Often, we wish we had something to immediately give to you since we might forget to mail a book back when we get home.  Well! Finally! This is hot off the presses and sure to help!  It is 40 Christian development courses translated into Chinese (Simplified characters)!  With his permission, one of the ladies here in Taiwan has translated Bro. Crawford Coon's A Reason of the Hope. You can download the Chinese lessons here:

You can download the English version here:

We are elated to have this available!  Hopefully, this will be a blessing to you!  God bless!

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