Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dear Uncle Trey...

Dear Uncle Trey,

In preparation of coming to the U.S., I have had to say almost everything to my kids twice.  This is your fault.  They want me to say things normal and then say it "Southern".  They just discovered in this last year that people from the south have an accent.  I guess I have pretty much lost mine, except for when I am mad.  At least, that is what Chris tells me.  I guess that most people revert back to their native language when they are mad. But, let's get back on topic.

 They want to speak with a southern accent so they can talk to YOU!  I'm not sure how you all have been communicating for the last 10 years, but it must not have been working...
So they have been practicing how to say Y'all.  And they are horrible at it!  They say it too high pitched.  The southern voice in my head cries in agony every time they say it.  (Could you perhaps help them with that when you see them in August?  Thanks!)  They are both pretty good at the "Uh-UUH" you seem to say a lot. Honestly, though, we love you!

Dear Uncle Dominick,

It seems that you can understand "non-southern" English.  Congratulations! We love you, too!     

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Anonymous said...

Keep writing! Love it.
Sandy Hester