Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bracken Blurbs... again

I love to see the world through my kids eyes.  Their perceptions are sometimes amusing and often very insightful.  As many of you know that have been following this blog since they were babies, they are apt to say anything and let's just say that bashfulness isn't something we have discussed very much in our house.  Proper times to say certain things is a frequent conversation topic in the Bracken household.  So, without further ado, here are a few of the most recent observations:

1.  A few months ago, the kids and I were reading the story of the Princess and the Pea.  Halfway through the story, Ethan said, "Wait, it's a pea you eat?"  When I said yes, he replied, "I always thought that she just peed the bed!"  Yeah, that WOULD be hard not to notice!

2.  Just last night, Ethan was talking and he said, "A long time ago, when they had snail mail..."  Oh, I feel old!  I can actually remember a time when there was no e-mail and I actually had a pen pal! That wasn't as long ago as you might think...

3.  This last one, it isn't directly about a Bracken.  Some of you might remember this blog that was meant as a joke.  I thought that most people would get the punch line.  Apparently not.  About three weeks after I wrote it, a girl in my church came up to me and ask where that supermarket was located at.  I ask her, "What supermarket?"  "The one that you wrote about in your blog!  I've searched all over the internet and can't find it!"  And cue the hysterical laughter.  I laughed until I cried and could not breathe.  Somewhere in the middle, I wheezed out an explanation.  Then she laughed until she cried and couldn't breathe.  We were both possibly tired.  After we caught our breath, she told me that she had spent a couple of hours searching the internet and even going to the chamber of commerce page to try and find out about any new supermarkets in Kaohsiung.  Then she search for the whole island to see if it was in another town.  Amazingly, she was unable to locate it.  I wonder why... 

4.  Recently, Abbey and Ethan have both developed a slightly annoying habit.  I fully recognize that is just a part of growing up.  In fact, I can remember doing the same as a kid.  What is it that they are doing, you ask?  They will ask us a question.  When we answer, they will say, "I know".  To which I say, "If you already knew, why did you ask me?"  Their answer?  "I was just seeing if you knew the answer!"  Thank God for college!

5.  Last one!  We have a Sunday School contest going right now.  If you can memorize a scripture and tell a teacher at Sunday School, you get a point.  Points can be used to "buy" big prizes.  There is no limit on the number of scriptures you can say in one class time.  So, last Sunday, both kids remembered this before church.  They got their Bibles and started searching for a scripture to memorize.  When it came to tell the teacher, I didn't know which ones they had chosen.  But their choices so reflected their personalities!  Ethan quoted one from Revelation concerning one of the beast and Abbey quoted a lovely one from Psalms!  I LOVE IT!!

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