Sunday, October 30, 2011

Time Travel... kinda

Do you all remember that last year about this time, we went back to the USA? And I was going to blog about every place we covered in three weeks and then, well, after Idaho, Lodi, and Fresno, I never covered the other stops? Guess what?! I too, remember all of that! And I am going to cover those last stops now. I know some people might be wondering why I would cover something that happened almost a year ago and this is the reason why. Those last stops were the pleasure, not business, stops of the trip. Actually, Lodi was pleasure also. In those last stops, we visited our home church in the States, went to see my dad and had an early Thanksgiving meal with my mom and step-dad and brothers and grandmas. Since this blog is also a way for me to keep memories and even keep a time line of our lives, I am going to blog old content. But it is totally new to you!! So, here we go!

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