Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh the Logic! It's hurting my head...

See this kid? This one right here:

I may have mentioned before that he is logical. He is the kid that ask me if Jesus wears clothes. He is also the kid that went through a terrifically long stage of asking "why" about everything. A stage that I almost didn't survive. Well, I can think of no other way to tell you just how logical his is than to tell you a joke that he made up on Sunday. It goes like this:

"Why did the cloud go to the doctor?"

and the answer?

"He didn't because clouds are in the sky and they don't need doctors."

The end.


De Chao said...

I think your kiddo's awesome.

Umm, have I thanked y'all (especially Bro. Chris) for being at the right place and the right time? I have an awesome, awesome best friend because of that.

Thanks a million.
Todah Raba.

Anonymous said...
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