Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What I Learned at Bible College

Another blogger, Classic Mary Moments (see her in the blog roll at right), did a post called just this. Her's was 95% serious. It made me think of the things I learned in Bible College. So here is my list. Warning! It is 95% unserious.

10. A good roommate is important. A bad one will yell at you. A good one will still yell at you, but you can yell back.

9. She will probably yell if you turn on the radio early in the morning.

8. It is possible to live on ramen noodles, mac and cheese and Spagetti-os. But only if you work for a good restaurant where you get a nice discount.

7. Some teachers do not read every essay. You can test this theory by slipping a paragraph about Little Red Riding Hood into the middle of your Bible Survey paper. If you get a 99%, they didn't read all of your paper.

6. Some teachers will read every word that every student writes. It will be a joy to write papers for them.

5. If the switch to the bathroom is on the outside of the bathroom, store a flashlight in the bathroom.

4. If you blow a candle out 10 seconds before room check, the dorm mom will still guess that you had a candle burning.

3. If you climb on top of the closet and lift the ceiling tiles to spy on you suitemate, you might get hung on a nail trying to get down.

2. A good roommate will help you down. Your roommate will laugh and take your picture. You will have to tape her singing in the shower to recover said picture.

1. You CAN be a totally different person in three years! (In a good way!)

In all honesty, Bible College changed my life. I had a lot of fun, but a lot of serious moments also. It was there that God took all of the bitterness I had in my heart out, there that I knew I was going to be in Asia one day, and there that I had a vision about the revival that is beginning here now. I made great friends that I am still in contact with 11 years later and still think of as some of my greatest friends. Rest in Peace JCM!

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Mary Frances said...

Oooo I would love to hear about how your realized you would be in Asia one day!!! i love to hear about finding the will of God in your life!!! Did you and your husband meet at Bible college?