Monday, February 7, 2011

Missions Update

Hey guys, I haven't updated you all on what we are doing here in Taiwan lately, so I thought I would try to get things caught up!

1. In December, at my English class' Christmas party, we had 72 guest!!! Last year we had 50 and I thought that was outrageous! In case you have missed a previous explanation, this class is an outreach that I teach once a month. Lots of people want to learn English and this is a free class with a free meal afterwards. Thanks again to Vivian for being an awesome helper, to Rachel for inviting all of your students and to Katelyn for letting me treat you like family and not really like a guest.

2. In January, we signed a one year contact on a location in Taipei!! Our first service will be in March. We have been having classes in a coffee shop for about a year and a half. Excited does not begin to explain how we feel. Of course, with Chris pastoring three churches, tired might start to explain how we feel!! But when God opens the door, you have to walk through and trust him to give you the energy!

3. Yesterday at the LiGang church, a lady received the Holy Ghost. No matter how many times I have seen someone receive the Holy Ghost, it never fails to feel amazing!

4. The third weekend in February, we will be having our annual National Conference. We have lots of guest coming and it is going to be a great conference. I will update afterwards.

5. The last Sunday in February, the new church in ChiaYi will be having its dedication. This church was started by a young lady in our church and the Tainan church (the one that Dad Bracken pastors). They have been meeting in a classroom at school for over a year and are so excited to get into a more permanent location. So, that right, we will be having back to back dedications for new churches at the end of this month and the beginning of March!!

6. We just had one of our sisters leave Taiwan and go to another country to do missions work for six months. She is being supported by the churches here in Taiwan for the entire six months and perhaps longer if God opens the door. I can't tell you which country because it could endanger her, but I do ask for your prayers for her.

I just want to take this time and say a quick thank you to everyone who supports us and ED Asia. Without your support, we could not travel to these locations on a weekly basis, rent new locations to start churches, and be able to set up these churches to have church in. Thank you and to God be all the Glory and Honor!!


Kathy McElhaney said...

Love all these great reports!

julia manners said...

awesome news!

Kate said...

:) So many amazing things are happening in Taiwan!!