Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stop #3- West Coast Conference

One of our main reason for going back to the States last November was to attend West Coast Conference. Chris' family has a lot of ties with Bro. Morton and the church in Fresno. Chris even received the Holy Ghost in Bro. Morton church when he was 6 years old. I had my own "experience" in Fresno that you can read about here. (Ethan is the first story and Fresno is the church. In the last two years of blogging, I have started naming names. I guess I was shy about that in the beginning.)

This was my first time to go to WCC and it was an incredible conference. I got something out of ever service and it was nice to just be able to enjoy the services without any real responsibilities. I also met a lot of you and that was a true blessing. Before WCC, I had this idea that I would take pictures of my readers. In reality, I was too shy to ask for their pictures. However, now I greatly regret not taking the pictures. But... THANK YOU FOR READING!!!

I did take one picture at WCC. (And yes, that is literal. Only one picture!) There are a couple of blogs that I enjoy reading. Many of you that read my blog are here because of these two ladies that I finally got to meet in person. It was a little strange to meet them in person because I already felt like I knew them so well from their blogs.

The lady in the gold jacket is Sis. Kathy. You can read her blog here. I love, love, love her blog and loved, loved, loved meeting her.

The lady in the middle is Sis. Mary. You can read her blog here. Mary is funny and zany and just plain crazy (in a good way)! We didn't get to talk but for a moment because her brother was hungry. (Mary and Kathy will get this!)

Oh yeah, that one in black and blue is me and you obviously do not need a link to her blog. And the cute girl in front is mine. So cute and is going to live with her mama forever. Boys beware, her Baba is even more protective than I am.

Next Stop... Vicksburg!


Zhu Que said...

Awesome, Sister.

Kathy McElhaney said...

I just started smiling when I read this. I am so glad we got to meet and talk and talk and talk!! I was having a great time as evidenced by my huge cheesy grin!

Oh, and I love the Fresno story! Ethan was not the first, and will not be the last, boy to feel the call to preach there!

Mary Frances said...

Awwwwwww our picture!!! You were obviousley THE LAST one to post the picture...HAHAHA!!! It was soooooooo AWESOME meeting you too!!! Luv you sooooooo much!!! Your an inspiration with your life in missions!!!

Tiffany Bracken: said...

I know!! As soon as I said it, I thought to myself, "It is totally going to be you to post last!!" It was awesome to meet both of you ladies.