Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back in the Saddle...metaphorically

Well, I bet some of you were wondering if I was still alive, weren't you? At times, so was I! Especially on our trip back to Taiwan when three of our four planes were delayed and we literally ran through every single airport! Let's just say that one plane was delayed because when we got on the runway, we were facing two planes lined up to take off. It seems that they wanted to go east from the runway and we wanted to go west. That took an hour to correct. But we are back!!

I have stories and pictures from our US travels and will be getting them up for you guys, but I just want to say this really quick. THANK YOU to everyone who reads this and stopped by and told me so!! It was so encouraging to meet you!

Now, there is one last suitcase calling my name...

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