Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Wii, a Wha, a What?

Abbey is our sweetheart. Our romantic. Our math whiz. She, however, is not our linguist. Ethan has that department completely covered. We were reminded of this again the other day when she started telling a story to Chris. It was about a book she had saw at the library and she was attempting to describe a person in the book. See if you can figure out what she was trying to say from this conversation.

"Uh, Baba, there was this wii in the book. Wait, not a wii, a wha. No, not a wha, a WIC! It was a WISH! A really bad WISH! You know, like a mean lady. A bad wish."

At this point, Chris helped her with the word she was looking for, a Witch! Sadly enough, I couldn't help because I was hiding in the kitchen giggling myself to death. There is nothing in this world like a BAD WISH!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tif, Too cute. Lydia has mastered pronounciations, but ultimately gets stuck calling everything, and I mean everything a thing"y". It can be quite interesting trying to figure out just which thing"y" she is talking about!

Mandi Neely