Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Typhoon Update

Hello everyone! I have had some concerned calls (my parents) and concerned e-mails about how we are faring after the recent typhoon. I am happy to report that we are doing great and did not experience any flooding or mudslides or well, really anything. Here in Kaohsiung, a few trees blew over and we were housebound for about three days because of the rain, wind and basically everything being closed. Mom and Dad Bracken's house did flood on the first floor, but they were not home at the time and are safe and sound. Dad was able to move most of the furniture from the first floor to the second and save it from being ruined. There is a major road construction project on the main road out from their house and most of the people in their neighborhood think that mud was clogging the drainage ditches and caused the back-up of water. All of the people in our church and their houses are fine and we thank God for his protection. I have to honestly say that I had no idea that the typhoon caused so much damage until I saw the report on Yahoo. My dad did not appreciate me laughing off his concern, but it just struck me as funny that my dear father who lives on the gulf cost where a good hurricane can turn everything into toothpicks was worried about us as we sit here in our concrete building. Just think about it for a minute. But we are doing fine and I do appreciate people thinking about us. However, later, if you hear a loud, blood-curdling scream, it is just Abbey getting her booster shot before she goes into first grade. I will just apologize now for the noise.

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