Friday, July 10, 2009

I am Speechless…

Abbey is fascinated with babies and how they grow and develop in their mommies tummies. A couple of months ago, she ask me how babies get out of their mommies tummies and I told her in great detail how she and Ethan were born (C-section). I was immensely happy to have dodged the bullet on how most babies are born. Well, today she ask me how babies get in their mommies tummies. And I am sorry to say that not one 6 year-old friendly answer came to mind. I tried to pass it off to Chris, but he just replied, “Well, answer her… very carefully.” I delayed so long trying to think of an answer that she moved on to something else, but I know that question will be back. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any six-year-old friendly answers?

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